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Asian Sauces
What's a Finishing Sauce...?

Introducing Thrive Sauce Co’s NEW Asian Sauce line.  Each are mild in heat, but concentrated in flavor, making a little go a long way.  With this, you are able to obtain flavor without all the calorie! 

We recommend using these sauces to finish your stir-fry or add a few drizzles to a soup, salad, rice or noodles. We also have a number of recipes on our site to assist you in utilizing our sauce to make healthy and delicious meals. 


As all-purpose sauces,  they are also great as a marinade, baste & dipping sauce.  Use on tofu, chicken & seafood, pot stickers, spring rolls & summer rolls. 


All of our Asian sauces are gluten-free, nut-free & vegan.

Made with love in Portland, Oregon

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